The CopyFileHandler allows files and directories to be moved and/or copied from one destination to another. The table below shows the destinations currently supported by the handler along with the expected format of files / directories in the plan.

Destination File Format Directory Format
Windows Server C:\Temp\MyFile.txt C:\Temp\MyDirectory\
Network Attached Storage (NAS) \\server\share$\MyDir\MyFile.txt \\server\share$\MyDir\
Amazon S3 Buckets s3://bucket/mydir/myfile001.txt s3://bucket/mydir/

Note: Directories must ALWAYS end in a slash. This is mainly because in Windows, there's no way to tell, from the naming convention, if an object is a directory or a file with no file extension.

Plan Details


The config section of the plan specifies the action to perform, as well as flags indicating how the action should be performed. It also contains configuration sections to connect to network/cloud based endpoints that require authentication and additional configuration.


    Type: Synapse.Handlers.FileUtil:CopyFileHandler
      Type: Yaml
        Action: Copy
        OverwriteExisting: true
        Recurse : true
        StopOnError: true
        PurgeDestination: false
        Verbose: true
          AccessKey: xxxxxxxx
          SecretKey: xxxxxxxx
          Region: eu-west-1
Element Type/Value Required Description
Action "Copy"
Yes Indicates the action to take on the files / directories specified.
OverwriteExisting Boolean No Whether or not to overwrite existing files / directories (Default = true)
Recurse Boolean No Should sub-directories be included in the action. Only applies to "Copy". (Default = true)
StopOnError Boolean No Should Action Continue When An Error Is Encountered. (Default = true)
PurgeDestination Boolean No Should the destination file/directory be purged before beginning the action (Default = false)
Verbose Boolean No Log details of each file / directory acted upon. (Default = true)
Aws AwsConfig No* Details on how to connect to Amazon Web Services to access S3 Buckets.

* = Required if any endpoint is an S3 bucket.


This configuration section contains information on how to connect to Amazon Web Services to access the S3 endpoints. This is a required section if any endpoint is an S3 bucket. For optional elements, the values will be pulled from the environment variables of the server and/or the AWS credentails file on the server.

Element Type/Value Required Description
AccessKey String No The Access Id Key used to make programatic requests to AWS.
SecretKey String No The Secret Access Key used to make programatic requests to AWS.
Region String Yes A string value representing a valid Amazon RegionEndpoint.

While strictly speaking, AWS S3 doesn't require a Region Endpoint, the client being used to access S3 needs to connect somewhere, so the endpoint is required.


The Parameters section is a list of "FileSets", that contain one or more "Sources" that are to be copied or moved to one or more "Destinations". (You can only "Move" sources to a single destination.)


    Type: Yaml
      - Sources: 
        - C:\Temp\FileUtil\Source1\
        - \\localhost\c$\Temp\FileUtil\Source2\
        - s3://mybucket/Source/
        - C:\Temp\FileUtil\Destination1\
        - \\localhost\c#\Temp\FileUtil\Destination2\
        - s3://mybucket/Destination/
Element Type/Value Required Description
FileSets List of "Sources" and "Destinations" Yes A grouping of files and directories that are copied or moved to the destination(s).
Sources List of String Yes One or more "sources" (files or directories) that should be copied or moved to the destination(s).
Destinations List of String Yes One or more "destinations" (files or directories) that indicates where the sources are to be copied or moved.