The OdbcHandler executes SQL commands against an ODBC connected database, returning the results and/or paramter values either in the handler's Exit Data, or saved off to a file. Results can be returned in one of many formats including Xml, Json, Yaml and CSV.

Plan Details


The config section of the plan specifies the information needed to connect to the target database.


      Type: Yaml
        ConnectionString: DSN=SQL_SANDBOX
        OutputType: Yaml
        OutputFile: C:\Temp\output.yaml
        PrettyPrint: false
Element Type/Value Required Description
ConnectionString String Yes The raw connection string used to connect to the database. The format of the string is purely dependant on the ODBC driver used. Check your driver documentation or http://connectionstrings.com for the exact format.
ConnectionTimeout int No Sets number of seconds to wait for a connection to open. (Default value = 15 seconds).
CommandTimeout int No Sets number of seconds to wait for the command to execute. (Default value = 30 seconds).
OutputType "None"
No Specifies the format for the results and/or paramters returned from the call. Default = "Csv"
OutputFile String No When provided, indicates the results returned from the call should be written to a file instead of being returned in ExitData. This should be used when the size of the result set is too great to store in memory.
PrettyPrint bool No Formats Json and Xml output with line breaks and indention. (Default = false)


The Parameters section specifies the sql statement or stored procedure that is to be executed, and any parameters to that command or stored procedure.


    Type: Yaml
      - Name: DatabaseName
        Value: SANDBOX
    Type: Yaml
      StoredProcedure: "{ ? = call dbo.MultiParams(?,?,?,?) }"
      IsQuery: true
      - Name: Results
        Direction: Output
        Type: Int16
      - Name: Param1
        Value: 10
        Direction: Input
        Type: Int16
      - Name: Param2
        Direction: Output
        Type: Int16
      - Name: Param3
        Direction: Output
        Type: Int16
      - Name: Param4
        Direction: Output
        Type: DateTime

Note : When CommandType is set to "Text", the .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC does not support passing named parameters to an SQL statement or to a stored procedure called by an OdbcCommand. In either of these cases, use the question mark (?) placeholder.

Element Type/Value Required Description
Text String No* The SQL text command to execute.
StoredProcedure String No* The name of the stored procedure to execute.
TableDirect String No* The name of a table, or list of tables to return all rows and columns from. Click here for more details.
IsQuery bool No If set to true, will exeute the method "ExecuteReader" and return one or more result sets. Used primarily when data is returned.

If set to false, will execute the method "ExecuteNonQuery" which will return the number of rows affected. Mostly used for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

(Default = true)
Parameters List of ParameterType objects No A list of parameters to be substituted into the "Text" field, or passed into the "StoredProcedure" specified. See table below for paramter fields and descriptions.

* Note: One (and only one) of "Text", "StoredProcedure" or "TableDirect" must be provided.

ParameterType Object
Element Type/Value Required Description
Name String No The name of the variable.
Value String No The value for the variable.
Size int No The size of the variable. Used primarily to allocate enough space for values returned in Output or InputOutput variables.
Type System.Data.DbType No Maps to the System.Data.DbType class. Represents the variable type.
Direction "Input"

No Maps to System.Data.ParameterDirection class. Represents the direction of the variable.