Using AutoUpdate to Update Local Installations of Synapse.Server

Use the AutoUpdater to provide built-in server updates. Invoking the AutoUpdater will stop the server, download/extract a patch, then optionally restart the server.

Overview of the AutoUpdater Process

When initiating an autoupdate, Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.exe follows this workflow:

  1. Creates a shadow copy of itself in a nested folder of the current path, called .shadow, and then re-launches the update from the shadow copy continuing with Step 1.
  2. Reads Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.yaml and stops associated services.
  3. Reads the UpdateConfig.xml specified at the UpdateConfigUri, gets the version for the current update, and compares to the version on the specified AutoUpdater.RuntimeExe.
  4. If the AutoUpdater.RuntimeExe version is less than UpdateConfig.CurrentVersion, the file located at UpdateConfig.PatchUri is downloaded and extracted locally.
  5. Following the update, services are (optionally) restarted.

Synapse AutoUpdater Process

Configuring the AutoUpdater

AutoUpdate Config File

Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.exe sources Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.yaml for its settings.

Name Type/Value Required Description
ServiceConfigs Array of Strings No By default, the AutoUpdater will look for ..\..\Synapse.Server.config.yaml to discover server settings. If the server instance is Configured to use an alternately named configuration file, or if the server is executing in more than instance, list the paths to the config files in this setting.
UpdateConfigUri String Yes URL or UNC path to the update configuration file. See Update Config File below for more information.
RuntimeExe String Yes Path the runtime process. The required value is ..\..\Synapse.Server.exe.
DownloadFolder String Yes The path where the update files are cached during the update process.
WaitForExitMillseconds Integer Yes The maximum number of milliseconds to wait before terminating the AutoUpdater.
StartServicesAfterInstall Boolean Yes Indicates whether to restart the server after AutoUpdate is complete.

Example Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.yaml File

- ..\..\Synapse.Server.config.yaml
UpdateConfigUri:  http:\\ [or] \\UNC\path\to\updates\updateconfig.xml
RuntimeExe: ..\..\Synapse.Server.exe
DownloadFolder: patches
WaitForExitMillseconds: 30000
StartServicesAfterInstall: false

Update Config File

Name Type/Value Required Description
CurrentVersion String Yes The version of Synapse.Server.exe in the patch zip file. This setting is used to compare to the RuntimeExe in Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.yaml to determine if an update is necessary.
IsMandatory Boolean No Not applicable; the AutoUpdater treats all patches as mandatory, installing only when invoked.
LastMandatoryVersion String Yes Not applicable; the AutoUpdater treats all patches as mandatory, installing only when invoked.
PatchUri String Yes URL or UNC path to the update patch zip file.
PatchSizeBytes Integer Yes The size of the update patch zip file, in bytes. Note: this is the 'Size' property, not the 'Size on Disk'.

Note: When running the Controller/Node from a single folder, the Synapse.Server zip file from GitHub ( may be used as-is. If running the Controller and Node in separate folders, it may be useful to purge unnecessary files from the zip before listing as an available patch.

Example Update Config File

  <PatchUri>http:\\ [or] \\UNC\path\to\update\</PatchUri>

Invoking the AutoUpdater

You may run Synapse.Server.AutoUpdater.exe directly from the server installation, or invoke it from the Controller/Node URLs, as shown below.

Verb URI Description
get /synapse/[execute/node]/update Invokes AutoUpdate, which will stop the server, refresh the binaries, and then optionally restart the server.
get /synapse/[execute/node]/update/logs Fetches a list of AutoUpdate logs.
get /synapse/[execute/node]/update/logs/{name} Fetches a specific AutoUpdate log.